Rafael Albuquerque


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(Attention: Prices and conditions updated)

Rafael now is being represented by Chiaroscuro Studios, who are taking care of his commissions list. If interested, please contact Ivan Costa.

Art Specs:

All pieces are on 11×17 inches art board, created in pencils, inks and ink wash with none or minimum background (on artist’s discretion)

- Full body: US$ 600

- Bust: US$ 350

75%+ for any additional character.


Shipping: Extra U$40 (regular mail, no guarantees about delay on deliver or damages) or FedEx (US$ 48 from Brazil).

From the costumer:

  • The arts will be produced for private collectors only, thus reproductions of any kind shall have a previous authorization by the artist;
  • Handing and shipping will be charged apart of the commission price, and might vary case by case;
  • The total payment should be done at the commission request, exclusively via PayPal.

From the artist:

  • The artist shall have the right to refuse any kind of order if the content conflicts with his moral or artistic principles;
  • The delivery time may vary due to the artist schedule which should be respected and prioritized;
  • The artist have the right to reproduce the art as long it doesn’t conflict any copyright;
  • The artist shall have the right to change the prices of the commissions at any time, as long it keeps the same price it was accorded on the request.