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Batman art for charity auction!


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For a “dog guy” like me,  is heartbreaking to see the  many dogs, left away, living on the streets here in Brazil. Thinking about them, i have been helping, the NGO Projet Street Dog Adorers  (Projeto Adoradores de Vira-Latas, in Portuguese) every time I can.

The PSDA is a shelter where rescued animals live until they find a second chance. Currently they have almost 250 animals, including dogs and cats, puppies and adults. The primary mission of  the Project is to help the animals that roam the streets neglected. They are based in Viamão, a city really close of Porto Alegre, where i live, and its ran by Paula Correa, the founder of the NGO, who says, to keep the project, they have the sympathy of good people.

I have nothing but admiration for Paula. She makes an amazing work using the social networks, wich help her find home to the animals, partners to emergency rescues and donaters to paid veterinarians and all shelter’s costs.

So, I’ve decided to auction some of my original pieces to help her to get a better condition to these animals, and why not start with theDark Knight piece above.

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You can help them too, make your offer and spread it arround!





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  1. manuel bracchi in 13 de April de 2012

    great great stuff…you’re a very smart artist

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