Rafael Albuquerque

American Vampire wins the Harvey Award!


First thing I did when I woke up yesterday (sunday) was check in the Harvey winners. I usually dont get so nervous about awards and all, but I’ve dreamed with this few nights ago.We lost. Last night, I had the same dream. We won this time, though. I was naked, completely forgot to wear my pants…but.. well, it doesnt matter.

What matter is that I was with that award thing in my head and i HAD to check. We won, again. I though it was a dream again. I just  couldn’t believed we won the Eisners AND the Harveys in the same year, but that time was for real.

And I’ve never had a year like that. A year with that much twists and rewards. My personal life went from the crappiest moments to the best in just a few months.

Thank you all for reading American Vampire. Thats a big part of my life and see this being such a success, is great.




  1. SID in 24 de August de 2011

    Awesome Rafa congratulations!
    American Vampire It’s more than a great comic and deserves all the praise! :)

  2. Gomez in 31 de August de 2011

    Po Rafa, parabéns por mais esta premiação! Estive na cultura essa semana e vi o encadernado lá… no fim de semana um deles é meu! hahah

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