Rafael Albuquerque

American Vampire: LONG ROAD TO HELL out this week!


It’s hard to explain what is like when a book you have worked for like 5 months finally comes out. The idea to see it done, colored, lettered, printed is really wordless. That’s how I feel about Long Road to Hell.
Since Scott, Mark and I decided to do the monthly AV hiatus, the idea of doing this special was on the making. It was indeed a long road. For a moment I thought i’d never be able to write these almost 60 pages. I probably wouldnt if I didnt had the support of some incredible friends. I’d like to thank them all:

Rafael Grampá, who’s which I had a great talking about writing is the first one. He read my first draft, and his opinions made me rethink a lot of what the story should be. Scott, who (you all might know) is putting a lot of books, and could find some precious time to work the whole thing with me, helped me to suit it all in the amazing universe he has conceived and made it all better. Rogê Antonio, my great assistant, who helped me out with awesome layouts when the time was short and I could count on his help to made the book come out in time,  Dave McCaig for doing the very best color work I have ever seen in comics and putting al ot of heart on it, and definitely more than anyone, Mark Doyle.

The guy not only was a sharp (and though) editor, but incredible helpful and supportive friend over the whole process. He thought me that, indeed, “writing is re-writing”. And believe me, After 5 drafts,  I’ve learned this lesson trough the hard way.

Thank you all, hope you, reader enjoy the ride, as much as we did doing it.



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